Should I Hire a Resume Writer or Career Coach?

Posted by:Tanya Czarnezki

Although the job market has rebounded somewhat since hitting rock bottom 5-7 years ago, it’s still a buyer’s market. For every job posting, dozens of equally qualified candidates descend like vultures, leaving applicants wondering why all their carefully crafted applications seem to disappear into the void. With such stiff competition, finding a way to differentiate…

The Professional’s Guide to Customizing Your Resume

Posted by:Tanya Czarnezki

You’ve invested in a professional resume, or spent a lot of sweat and time writing one yourself. And, if done well, that resume will speak well of you for one specific job opportunity at one specific company. What are you to do if you want to use your resume as an entrée to more than…

The Right Verb for the Job

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Don’t get caught in the trap of using “responsible for” when describing your job duties. It’s predictable, boring, and not very descriptive. Instead, take the time to choose the best verb to reflect your responsibilities. Many online sites include great lists of verbs you can choose from when writing your career documents (including your resume)….

How to Help Your Resume Stand Out for Helping Professions – Part Two

Posted by:

Identifying the specific skills, personality traits, and accomplishments that will set you apart from your competition (see How to Help Your Resume Stand Out for Helping Professions – Part One) is a great first step for any jobseeker, including those in helping professions. But knowing all those things won’t get you very far in a…

How to Help Your Resume Stand Out for Helping Professions – Part One

Posted by:

  You’ve heard it before: hiring managers are impressed with numbers. That’s easy for someone in sales or finance, you may think. But how, exactly, are you supposed to impress anyone if you deal with people instead of figures? Since it’s so difficult for many jobseekers in helping professions to think of things to brag…

Tips for a Sexier Resume

Posted by:

There’s a popular saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Well, that’s certainly true when it comes to using proper punctuation. But it’s not true that “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.” If your career documents are riddled with incorrect or inconsistent punctuation, prospective employers are most likely going to think that you’re…

Why Cover Letters Count

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Ever wondered if you should bother writing a cover letter to send with your resume? You’re not alone.  Join me over at Careerealism where I am answering the question “Why Cover Letters Count.” Convinced? Find out more with “9 Ways to Get Your Cover Letter Read.”   Kristin S. Johnson CARW, CCMC, CJSS, COPNS, CG3C, 360 …

Be Prepared For Your Informational Interview

Posted by:

Recently, Careerealism published another one of my posts on the job search technique called informational interviewing. Here’s a teaser: Want to know how to increase the likelihood that a contact will say yes to an informational interview when there are only so many hours in the day? Think about the question your contact is most…

Fall Brings New Resources for Your Career!

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It’s that time of year again! Back to school season also brings a desire in many of us to make a career change. In my world, there are industry conferences to attend and the Forbes quest for nominations for their Best Websites for Your Career list, too. Did you know that the Profession Direction website has…

HOW TO: Get Your Network To Say Yes To An Interview

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Smart job seekers know networking is essential to make short work of a job search. Networking revolves around the idea that you’ll get hired more easily if your interviewer already knows, likes, and trusts you. But is this really true? Are employers more open to hiring people they’ve met at networking events? Career Directors International…

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