The Anatomy of a Compelling LinkedIn Summary

Posted by:Tanya Czarnezki

LIf you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you already know how important a strong LinkedIn profile is to your professional brand, whether your goals are client acquisition, building your network, or getting a job. But in your haste to turn your profile into an expanded resume of achievements and honors, you might be overlooking…

LinkedIn Invitations: 3 Must-Knows

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LinkedIn is a bit like a cocktail party, but without the swizzle sticks and jazz. You want your profile to be dressed appropriately so that it can present the very best you. You want its contents to be interesting. And of course, you want the perfect guests to be there. After all, a LinkedIn profile…

Teens On LinkedIn?

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Wait! Before you roll your eyes and tell those teens to get off the computer… Again… Take a look at the screen! Tech Savvy Teens have taken aim at new ground, and they are welcomed with opened arms. Starting today LinkedIn is opened its professional network to teens starting at age 13.  New University Pages…

HOW TO: Get Your Network To Say Yes To An Interview

Posted by:

Smart job seekers know networking is essential to make short work of a job search. Networking revolves around the idea that you’ll get hired more easily if your interviewer already knows, likes, and trusts you. But is this really true? Are employers more open to hiring people they’ve met at networking events? Career Directors International…

Think You Don’t Need LinkedIn? 10 Reasons Why You Do

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Over the past week, I’ve talked to three acquaintances who are actively on the hunt for a job. They all have resumes (whether they’re professionally done, and of sufficient quality, is debatable). But when I mentioned LinkedIn, much to my dismay, their responses were dismissive. “Oh, isn’t that like Facebook? I already have Facebook. I…

What’s In A Name? Understanding LinkedIn’s Name Field

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You’ve worked diligently on your LinkedIn profile, and you’re ready to have it get you some hard-earned attention. You want to get noticed by recruiters and tell them all about yourself at a glance. So why not give yourself a moniker like “Jayne Smith, marketing czar?” Or include the name of your company? Or better…

LinkedIn Groups – 7 Ways To Get Noticed

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LinkedIn is an invaluable – actually a crucial – tool in the job hunt. Chances are, your future employer will be there, looking for someone like you. Once you’ve created your profile, it’s time to go a little deeper and take advantage of the resources LinkedIn offers you, absolutely free. One of LinkedIn’s most valuable…

7 LinkedIn Changes That Take Priority

Posted by:

With all the changes LinkedIn has rolled out in recent months, what’s a job seeker to do? I’ve heard from many people that as soon as they figure LinkedIn out, more changes pop up to learn about. It can be overwhelming! Well, you can take a deep breath, and relax. This post will help you…

Crafting An SEO- And Human-Friendly LinkedIn Headline

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LinkedIn is a dichotomous beast. There is the side that requires specific keywords to play well with LinkedIn’s algorithm, but there’s also the human element. Can you please both sides? This is no easy feat, especially when you’ve only got 120 characters to do it in, as with your “Professional Headline.” It’s a dilemma for…

How To Avoid An Epic Fail Profile Photo On LinkedIn

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Many job seekers wonder if they really need to have a photo on LinkedIn. For Americans, and job seekers in other countries where having a photo on a resume is discouraged, it can be an awkward feeling to associate a photo with employment. But, my message to those who have these concerns is a simple,…

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