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LinkedIn Fields Character CountsCheat Sheet

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Last month, I kicked off a new program at Profession Direction to help more clients use LinkedIn called the “LinkedIn Success Institute.” This Cheat Sheet is one of the many resources I’ve assembled for the class, but it’s too good to keep to myself!

It took a while to find current numbers, as they change from time to time, and new sections are added on LinkedIn, too. So, here’s everything my research produced for your convenience.

If you find this helpful, consider attending my LinkedIn Success Institute Q&A session on the second Wednesday of each month. It’s a great opportunity to have your most pressing LinkedIn questions answered LIVE on join.me. Sign up here.

Details for an ongoing, virtual, self-paced LinkedIn Success Institute are coming soon, too! I hope these tools help you to create a kick-butt profile J Now, on to the resource you’re looking for…

Everything you type into a field on LinkedIn counts: letters, symbols, spaces. Here’s the latest list of how many characters are allowed in each section on your profile, your company profile, and updates.

To count the characters in your draft in MS Word, click on the “Review” tab, highlight the area you want counted, and click on “Word Count.” The number you want to use is “Characters (with spaces).”

There is also a free online character counter here.

Remember: longer isn’t always better! Here’s an infographic from Buffer; although not specific to LinkedIn, it’s great info for online communications in general. I hope it helps if you’re struggling to figure out how long your content should be.

Profile Limits:

First Name: 20
Last Name: 40
Professional Headline: 120

Vanity URL: 29 characters after www.linkedin.com/in/
Website Anchor Text: 30
Website URL: 256
Phone number: 25
IM (Instant message): 25
Address: 1000

Summary: 2,000
Position Title: 100
Position Description: 200 minimum and 2000 maximum

Skills: 61 characters per Skill
Skills: 50 Skills maximum
Education/Degree: 100
Education/Activities: 500
Groups/Associations: 1,000
Honors/Awards: 1,000
Additional Info / Advice for Contacting: 2,000
Interests: 1,000

Update/Other Limits:

LinkedIn Status Update: 600 (Unless posting to Twitter at the same time, then only the first 140 characters show up on Twitter)
Publisher Post Headline: 100 (recommended is 71 characters, but 55 is what I’d recommend keeping it under.)
Publisher Post Body Text: 40,000
Company Name: 100
Company Page: 2000
Company Update: 600 characters or 250 if including a url
Number of Groups: 50
Group Discussion Topic: 200
Group Comments: 4,000
First-level connections: 30,000
Outbound invitations: 3,000 (You may request more if you hit this limit)
Accepted invitations: No limit

Did I forget anything? Let me know if there are any limits on LinkedIn that I should add to this list! Please comment below.

To Your Success!

Kristin S. Johnson, CARW, CCMC, CJSS, CBBSC, COPNS, CG3C
Profession Direction, LLC

P.S. In the Madison, Wisconsin area? There are even more opportunities for you to make the most of LinkedIn! Check these events out:

Madison LinkedIn Success Meetup Group

Madison LinkedIn Success Institute Workday

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