Directing you to success requires the right systems and tools. Profession Direction gives you access to services you can't get anywhere else.


Give yourself the best chance of making a successful transition by working with a Certified Career Management Coach.


We are also certified networking specialists. We strive to get you connected with the people in your industry by using our large network of businesses nationwide.


Having a powerfully written and well-presented resume clearly gives you a significant advantage over other job applicants. Our talent is to help you to sell your talents.

Linkedin Strategists

If you’re looking to make a career change, working toward a new job or promotion, or hoping to attract new clients as a small business owner, our Linkedin Workshops will help you to accomplish your goals.


We package our career services into memberships to serve you better. This continually keeps you informed and trained before hire and after.


Our clients/members have 24/7 access to their own client portals, allowing for sharing of files, documentation, and even video. You can load up any questions and concerns and receive direct feedback from your specialist.

Are you seeking a career change?

Profession Direction will prepare you to negotiate your way to the next level.

We can help you qualify and quantify your value to employers to advance the following for highly qualified candidates:

  • Promotion
  • Pay increase
  • Job satisfaction

Kristin is well-qualified to help you, she has been a career coach since 2010.

Kristin Johnson, Profession Direction



Services for people changing careers, looking for promotion, and preparing for salary negiation

The Profession Direction is the trusted source in resume consultancy, specializing in professional resume writing, Linkedin profile writing, and interview coaching. Our resumes are carefully crafted to have the strongest possible appeal to potential employers, rather than being just an uninspiring typed summary of an individual’s basic information. Our interview coaching service is designed to help our clients to truly excel at interviews. Our team of consultants has a broad range of previous experience within recruitment and personnel management, enabling us to offer a service of the highest possible standard including all the newest trends and ideas.

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Profession Direction started with a commitment to helping others. Our workplace focuses on fostering a commitment to personal growth, building unique and healthy relationships and cultivating valuable talents and skills. Our culture is an important part of who we are and how we help you grow.

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We have a package to fit just about any price and situation. All packages can be broken down to monthly pricing. Please contact us to get started with our FREE CONSULTATION.


Need help to get your foot in the door?

The success package will get you started on the career path you are seeking.  Let’s start with your profile, background and resume.


Going after your career and even more?

The exclusive package will get you more then started, we will keep coaching you on making the first impressions that really count.


Need help going after it all?

The ultimate package is like winning in overtime.  Not only will you get in the door, but we’ll prepare you to blow them right off the hinges.


Everyone needs a job to pay the bills if nothing else, but not everyone has one or knows how to get one either. You’ll need to know things such as how to conduct yourself in an interview, and even how to find a suitable position. Keep reading to learn tips and information to help you as you seek your dream job.

A Few Accolades

We bring years of experience to the table.  All of our coaches are not only certified, but they are award winning.  Profession Direction is the right choice to put you on the path to success.  When you win, we win.

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